“One late night, in a twilight daze”


Eventide follows the story of a young couple in a rough patch fueled by thoughtless patterns and personal misgivings. One late night, in a twilight daze, they find the freedom to relive pivotal moments, face hard truths, and pursue reconciliation, healing, and personal growth.
Eventide is a multidisciplinary piece produced and performed by modern circus performer and dancer, Kyle Driggs and Andrea Murillo, that uses expressive movement, object manipulation, and contemporary, surreal scene-setting to expose the challenges we face in romantic relationships and relationships with ourselves.



The story begins in the ether and narrows in on an earthly apartment where we find a troubled couple awake despite the late hour. Their disconnection unfolds with the interplay between present interactions and past memories, interior monologues and the unsettling droning of late night television infomercials.
With the future of their relationship at stake, they choose to explore the hovering, seductive void that’s been made accessible by inexplicable phenomena that dictate the mystifying early hours. There in the void they move freely, without the weight of mental clutter, giving them a clarity that ultimately leads them toward redefining their individuality and partnership.



Eventide was first premiered on September 13th, 2018 at Circadium school of Contemporary circus as part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival.
This project was developed in part through the Parallel Exit Physical Theatre Lab.